these are the basic floor plans that artisan offers                                   

     however nearly all floor plans that can be created within the given dimensions will work. (for model 2 there need not be any structural load on interior walls or floor).

   the above floor plan is scaled to 16’x16’ ( 256sqft.) of interior space plus a deck. it is intended to be used as as a camp cabin, office space, back yard studio or without mechanicals as a barn, storage, shed etc.

this is an elevation view of the south facing side of model 2. it shows the rafter lines that would be visible in the chalet version but would be hidden from view behind the walls with this pueblo style version ( here the rafter lines and roof support beams are visible to better see how the homes are built and picture the space.)

     the above floor plan is intended for use with model 2. as seen above it is scaled to 32’x52’ or 1664 sqft  4 bed 3 bath. this size home would have a starting cost of about 125k on a foundation and connected to utilities ( delivered in 2 units)

the above plan is also intended for model 2. it is shown scaled to 28’x56’ or 1568 sqft. also 4 bed 3 bath ( delivered in 2 units)

the above floor plan is a shortened version of the one above. it is better used with model 1. it is scaled to 28’x40’ or 1120 sqft ( delivered in 2 units)

       this is a single unit floor plan for model 2. it is scaled to 16’x60’  and is 960 sqft. (most of these floor plans can scale slightly bigger or smaller.)

    the above floor plan is a shortened version of the  previous one above. it is scaled to 16’x40’ or 640 sqft. (delivered in one piece.) also can later be doubled in size by connecting another unit or added to on site) these small homes are good for vacation cabins, back yard rental units, in law suites etc.

the above floor plan works for houses as small as 16’x32’